torsdag 15. februar 2018

Sombra Makeup - the ears

There are several videos showing hot to put on smokey eyes and purple lips, but not that many showing how to create stretched ear lobes. 
I made these collages of reference photos for the work in progress book I showed the judges. 

To make fake ear lobes it really helped to get a cast of your own ears. This was my Christmas present a year ago, casted by my very talented sister. 

As for the earplugs I scuplted them in clay, molded in silicon and casted in resin. And I will use them as guides for my ear sculpting

The love scuplt was made with hard chavant clay and Monter clay for the dividing walls. 

I ended up with a three part mold, which was very complex. Later I have learned another technique which makes it a little easier. (more on that when the tutorials on Princess Nuala are done).

All parts of my molds. I fill them with gelatin

The raw casts, needs to be cleaned up. To get rid of seam lined you can heat up the back of a spoon and smooth out the seam. This gently melts the gelatin

Test with the plugs. 

I am hoping to make a full video tutorial on how to attach the wig and pun on the makeup and ears, but that will have to be next time I'm wearing it (as it takes so long to do it just for a test)

Full makeup
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tirsdag 13. februar 2018

Cosplay Hacks: Wig stand

I have styled several wigs, but only on a Styrofoam head. So you can just imagine how a new world opened up for me when I finally made one. The problem with the Styrofoam head was that it never stayed in place, with a stand the head stays in place 

Of course I could buy one, but nah. I made one instead, from a small piece of MDF and a broom shaft. (any piece of wood can work for the base :)

Also great for displaying helmets. 

torsdag 4. januar 2018 a photobook project

A while back I was asked if I wanted to take part in a cosplay photobook project called CSPLY EU, founded by kickstarter. And of course I would! I was straight up honored for being asked. 

What is this photobook you say? (you can of course read more on their page  but here you go:

"CSPLYeu is a project that finds its birth in the creative mind of Kyman Cheng, a photographer and retoucher from The Netherlands. Together with Stefan Dorresteijn he set out to unite the european cosplay community in a high quality product, befitting of Europe’s incredible cosplay talent. Going beyond conventional methods this project puts emphasis on the conceptual and artistic side of cosplay." -

About 50 cospalyers are taking part in this project and we will be featured in a 30x30 cm book :D I am so excited.

So which costumes to choose... I was lucky to get to feature two of my cosplay for the book. 

I recommended my sister Bettcanard Design and Karin Olava Effects as other Norwegian entries and we thought it could be cool with a group photo (which is also the reason we got to feature more than one cosplay). And our Overwatch cosplays always need more attention ;) These costumes are also very colorful and easy to play around in, so you can sort of get a story from the photos. 

Group cosplay is best cosplay.

Adjutant from StarCraft 2
Also I choose Adjutant for my single shoot, because I want to make sure the book has something about Sci-fi and sfx makeup included, and I think I look so cool in that outfit ;) But let me tell you, fining a dirty space ship in Oslo is not easy. 

Also I had to take the train while wearing the costume, a whole adventure alone there ;)

Kyman was also very professional and super nice. I really hope I get a chance to shoot with him again. All photos in this blog entry is property of Kyman, do not share without his permission. 

onsdag 3. januar 2018

Happy New Year 2018

A new year and new cosplay plans. I did not make all of the ones I planned last year, but priorities change. And for 2018 I have new ideas yet again. Will I finish them all, most probably not. But they keep me engaged and I love planning. 

Princess Nuala
I am hoping this will be my costume for EuroCosplay. I will give it my best effort and include all skills I have. The creatures in Hellboy 2 are simply stunning and I have so many ideas surrounding this costume. 

I have wanted to make her for a long time, but the first time I ordered the wig it got lost in the mail and I lost my motivation. Now I have finally played the game (a little late to the party I know) and my motivation is found again. There are so many armor sets to choose from and I might change my mind before I'm done, but aiming for the   

Hermione Granger
I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I always saw myself in Hermione when growing up (you know, being equally obsessed about homework and cleverness). Still feels weird buying Griffindor ties, when I'm a Rawenclaw myself ;) 

Elizabeth Burial at Sea
I'm so in love with the Bioshock series and have even started making this costume. Might be the first thing I finish this year, just waiting for some parts to make her brooch and the buttons for her shirt. 

DC Bombshells Black Canary
I started making this as part of the Budget Cosplay Challange last year (February), but ended up with Zatanna instead. Also I see that I need a little more budget to finish it. So 2018 will be the year. 

Once again something I thought of last year, but never really got around to make. I even have bought most of the fabric. 

søndag 31. desember 2017

Bye Bye 2017

Woah, another year over and this was yet another busy one #notshocking. Because I have taken part in the monthly 100NOK/10USD/10EUR challenge I have ended up with a long list of cosplay achievements this year, but I have not had the chance to take photos of all of them yet, so I'll post an update on that later. 
Grid of most of the costumes I made this year. 

Snow white
The first of the Budget cosplays and the one I put the most effort into. I really want to make more (budget) princesses next year. 
Photo by

The second budget cosplay. I was actually planning on making Bombshells Black Canary, but never got around to finish it completely. 
Photo Håvard Staub Nyhus

Every year on my birthday I watch Intestella 5555 (Daft Punk music video) and this year I took the time to do a quick Stella Closet Cosplay. And due to time limits and such this also ended up being my Budget cosplay for March. 

Lady Comstock
A result of being invited to a Victorian style after noon tea and up-cycling older costumes. 

Mass Effect Andromeda NPC
I am a huge Mass Effect fan and was super hyped for Andromeda. Initially I was planning to make Cora, but her wig got the best of me. So I ended up with an NPC instead. Quite comfy, nick named the MEA PJ's ;)
Photo by

Piper Wright

I got my butt in gear to make Piper because we were going to an amazing car cemetery for a photoshoot. 
Photo by

And my main project this year, Sombra <3 So much fun to make, and so incredible difficult. But I love the result and this is my new favorite cosplay.
Photo by

Jessica Jones
Another Budget cosplay and a closet cosplay even :) Just missing a bottle of the strong stuff.

Photo Håvard Staub Nyhus

Diablo 3 Wizard 

The second more elaborate cosplay of the year. Even though I started building this in 2016. First on my list of 2018 is to get a proper photoshoot. 

Vianne rocher
Anothe budget cosplay, but this time I spend the entire budget on chocolates <3 

This closet cosplay happened because I needed that gun for a stage performance. 
Photo by

The monthly budget cosplay Challenge.
When I finish up Padme I will post a separate entry about this journey :D

A cosplay year is not complete without a bunch of Halloween costumes :)
Witch Mercy



Fortune teller

And to round off the year I give you Harry from Home Alone

Other achievements 

  • Me and my sister was featured  in a episode on Insider FEM. The episode was about cosplay and was actually filmed back in 2015. 
  • Both me and my sister competed in the NCC
  • I held a workshop in working with worbla for the costumes makers at the Oslo Opera. It is so cool that they look to unconventional areas to learn new skills.
  • I joined the Superhero gang at the Children's ward again this year, with the highlight being the Halloween party.  
  • And lastly I qualified to represent Norway for EuroCosplay 2018
The Hospital Superhero gang

Happy New Years